In the beginning there was a little girl who was born into what others saw as a rather unconventional and bohemian family. Her parents where professional musicians, her mother a classical pianist and her father a multi instrumentalist/singer - songwriter. They ran meditation retreats and a recording studio from their little home in the heart of the beautiful Staffordshire countryside. Surrounded by so much music, naturally at the tender age of 3 April started to take lessons from her parents and their friends and inevitably learned to play many instruments, finally settling on piano, flute, guitar and singing.

Insatiably adventurous she took to busking at the age of 13! A tour of the West Country and Ireland finds the 17 year old April in a converted ambulance with her fiddle playing sister, her guitarist partner, (both travellers at the time) and a dancer friend who's speciality was Irish/contemporary dancing in Parra boots! Picture the scene; four extremely colourful characters, three with dreadlocks, April with a purple Mohican and all of them tattooed and pierced to the eyeballs! And of course we can't forget the wondering troubadour's mascot, Geezer, a wonderfully loyal and at times extremely vocal Alsatian! Whining and wolf howling in the choruses. They played Irish and Scottish jigs and reels, traditional folk songs, Leveller's songs, jazz standards, show tunes and opera!!! Sleeping under the stars, on beaches and in caves, making shelters in the woods, and even living in a squat! Playing on mountain tops, and once on a huge rock in the sea as the tide was coming in all around them. All fantastic experiences to inspire April's creative juices as a songwriter.

Fast forward a year to St. Ives, Cornwall. The sounds of Broadway showstoppers and an eclectic array of music floats through the window of an art gallery. The owner is impressed, and finally so curious she dashes outside expecting to see some young Elaine Paige ...NOT a purple- Mohicaned-traveller! "With talent like that you could make it; have you considered Music College?"...

What? ... Be normal? Get trained? Study classical music like her parents? NO WAY.. but... the seed was sown. When the time was right a music guru appeared in a cloud of luminescence and said in celestial tones "Leeds College of Music is for you, they specialise in Jazz, contemporary and popular music. It is your destiny!!"

So... an unconditional offer, three years hard work, armed with nothing more than a SM 58 and a slightly more respectable hair cut! April graduates with a First and than began her life as a professional musician.

Not the end...

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